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Poetry Pleases: Swimming The White River

Randal Looney remembers his youthful days in rural Arkansas.

All we need now is a good tune to match Randal's words - and we have a live-for-ever country classic.

Did a one-and-a-half
out of a Sycamore tree
we swam the White River
you and me
spent the afternoon down on a gravel bar
shootin' hoops
or shootin' pool
raisin' hell and skippin' school
with no particular place to be
we were young and wild and free
back in 1983

Haulin' hay when we needed money
workin' in the sun wasn't too much fun
but it made a strong man out of me
found out what controlled the world
by talkin' to some older girls
hangin' out in the Pizza Hut parking lot
hey boy, I'll tell you what
we were young and wild and free
and it was 1983

memories come hauntin' round
of life in that old river town

I went off to college
and now I've moved away
but I still think about you some days
Are you as unhappy as I am?
you see the work I do
doesn't matter much
and today I'd just like to get in touch
with that wild kid inside of me
I know that it ain't gonna be
'cause this ain't 1983


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