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Bonzer Words!: Welcome Home, Dad

Violet Apted tells of one of the most memoriable days of her life.

Violet writes for Bonzer! magazine. Do visit www.bonzer.org.au

The day my Headmistress sent for me to go to her office is an event that stays very clearly in my mind. When I walked in I saw my mother and two sisters standing beside a soldier. For a moment I could not take in, what my eyes could see so clearly, then I shouted “Daddy!” and ran across the room into my Father’s arms and cried tears of joy.

My daddy had come home!

That started everyone off—even my Headmistress was crying. All I knew was that my dad was home and he was safe. All my prayers had been answered. My little gold cross and chain had brought my dad home to me. My faith was restored and reborn that day. It has never wavered since. We were allowed to go home from school early to celebrate our dad’s safe return home. I think this was more fun to my younger brother and sisters. They did not remember Dad. He was a stranger to them. I saw tears in his eyes, because they were unsure of him, but he never let it spoil his welcome home.

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