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Classical Composers A-Z: Edward MacDowell

Peter Wintersgill presents a brief portrait of Edward MacDowell, the composer of choral works and piano music.

18th December, 1860, in New York.

Piano lessons from Teresa Carreno.

Entered Paris Conservatoire at 15 in 1876, then Frankfurt Conservatoire at 19, studying with Heyman and Raff.

Adult Life
Visited Liszt in Weimar in 1882, who encouraged him. After several years in Weisbaden, he moved to the USA and settled in Boston in 1888.

He wrote the Second Piano Concerto and two orchestral suites there. By then he was accepted as the leading American composer.
He became the first Professor of Music at Columbia University in 1896.

He wrote several piano pieces, including Woodland Sketches (1896), Sea Pieces (1898) and the third and fourth sonatas, dedicated to Grieg who influenced him and his music.

He wrote several choral works, including The New England Idylls (1902).

He died on 23rd January, 1908, in New York, aged 48.


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