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Yorkshire Dialect: Keep It Shooart an’ Sweet

Jack Bamforth and Bill have a vigorous dialect conversation about a new football stadium in their town, as Mike Shaw reports.

(NOTE: That stadium which was called the McAlpine has now been renamed the Galpharm, which will doubtless give Jack and Bill still more to natter about).

Jack Bamforth 'an me wer on us way fer a pahnt at t' club wen 'e gate on abaat t' new graand fer Taan an' Fartaan.

"Dosta think it'll pay its way, Bill?" asked Jack as we gate sat daan wi' a
pahnt apiece.

"Ah dooan't know, but brass seeams ter bi cummin' in fra awl ower jist naah," Ah replahd.

Jooa Sykes cums ower ter sit wi' us an' sed 'e maht even gooa ter a match theer, jist ter see wat it's lahke.

"T trouble is, Ah dooan't know wat fowk are baan ter call it," 'e sed wi' a puzzled look on 'is face.

"Up ter naah, they'n allis sed they wer baan ter Leeds Rooad, but tha can't say that bi reights onny mooar.

"An' Ah can't imagine fer t' lahfe in me sumdy sayin' 'e's baan ter Alfred
McAlpine's on Satdy afternooin. That's a reight maathfull an' nooa mistek."

Ah tuk a first sup 'o mi pahnt an' sed that wer jist t' snag wi' awl this sponsorship lark.

"Them 'at gies thee t' brass allis 'ave ter 'ave ther name splashed abaat," Ah sed. "An' nine tahmes aat o' ten fowk can't be bothered ter get their tongue raand awl that lot.

"It's jist t' same wi' this 'ere new theatre we'n getten i' th' owd Queen Street Mission. Ah can't see yar Ethel sayin' shoo fancies a neet aat at t' Lawrence Batley Theatre.

"Ah'm awl fer keepin' names shooart an' sweet. Ah'd settle fer sayin' Ah wer off ter Alf's Den fer t' fooitball an' then ter Bat's Belfry at neet!”


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