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U3A Writing: Sam

Guy Roberts says a tearful goodbye to an old friend.

I saw him first one Christmastide
The one I had to buy
He scrambled over his sibling mass
And looked me in the eye

I saw him last one Summer's day
The day he had to die
He saw I was near to giving way
And looked me in the eye

He waited for the Vet; so calm
He was not the licking sort
But he strained this once to lick my arm
As if to say - Don't worry Sport

I laid my hand upon his head
As a gesture of goodbye
And I forced back the tears that I later shed
Such love was in his eye

The needle in - the plunger pressed
His eyelids closed; a light went out
A precious friend no longer stressed
The finest friend without a doubt

I shall always remember that sad, sad day
When we said our last goodbye
He said by that look, all there was to say
When he looked me in the eye.


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