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Bonzer Words!: Scene Of September

Frank L Dawson writes of September - a reflective month, still glowing with late summer colours.

Frank writes for Bonzer! magazine. Please do visit www.bonzer.org.au

September monocled, barbered, attired
tweedy in various shades of brown
like an English squire,
saunters confidently out
from under the tutelage of August.

Outside, on the manor grounds,
dusty goldenrods nodding to starry-eyed purple asters,
march along borderline fences, and within,
September days settle themselves like a purring housecat
in a basket of soft wools
and knitting needles
on a table or convenient countertop.

September the ninth month
a reflective month -
still glows with late summer colors,
but has not yet brought forth autumn splendor
Beauty seen and experienced is cherished
but still unparalleled the riotous displays of October
preparing for the beauty of winter snows.

2003 Frank L. Dawson


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