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U3A Writing: The Look

So where do you think this gorgeous young creature with elegant legs, beautiful colouring and golden-brown eyes ended up? Zelda Margo tells a highly moral tale.

At the time of my birth there was no talk of dysfunctional families. Assuming there had been, it would never have been applied to us.

We were a great family. A devoted mother, a busy father and happy playful sibling in a healthy environment. I was always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, a quick learner. I grew into a problem-free gorgeous young adulthood. Elegant legs, beautiful colouring, golden-brown eyes and full of fun. Of course I was desirable, very, very desirable, I could say hunted.

Hunted and caught. That is how I entered the world of Haute Couture as a fox-fur piece on a velvet evening coat by Dior. Christian Dior, the top designer of the mid-Twentieth century. He was well aware that without me pepping up his creation, it would simply be another velvet coat. I turned it into true elegance and it was delivered to a duchess renowned for her style and singular lack of beauty. So there I was, swanning it in High Society.

The fashion of the day was to wear my species around one's neck. Dull red eyes above a jaw snapped shut on its own tail. Absolutely gross.

Gross and cruel. Fur, now totally out of fashion. Gorgeous on the animal, on a human being, the less aid the better.

The Twenty-First century has seen a vast change in morals, mores and fashion but I have survived. Dior crafted a deliciously romantic elegant garment enhanced by my amazing colouring, now a highly prized and priced collectable.


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