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Yorkshire Dialect: Thinkin' On T' Reight Lahnes

A train srike prompted Mike Shaw’s Yorkshire characters to vigorous musings.

We wer 'avin' a reight lahvely argument daan at t' club last week abaat t' train strahkes.

Willie Dyson wer' dooin' mooast o' t' talkin', 'cos 'is dowter gooas ter wark ivvery day on t' train.

"Ah reckon it's tahme they gate it settled, one way or another," 'e sed. "T’ best rooad ud bi ter lock booath sahdes up in a room an' keep 'em theer till they'd sooarted it aat.

"That's wat they do wi' juries i' court cases, an' it seeams ter wark alreight wi' them."

Ah towd 'em at t' strahkes ciid carry on fer ivver an' it ud mek nooa difference ter me an' yar Ethel 'cos we 'ardly use t' bloomin' trains.

"Ethel sez it's union ter blame, but Ah dooan't tek onny nooatice o' that, 'cos shoo blames ivverythin' on t' unions, fra t' weather ter t' sahze of an apple," Ah sed.

"Shoo's mooar bothered abaat this 'ere idea 'at parsons shud join a union.

"Ah towd 'er they'd a reight ter pleease thersen, but shoo shaated me daan i' quick sticks.

"We'd be at a noit an' reight if yar parson went on strahke," shoo sed.

"Aye, 'appens that's sooa," Ah replahd. "But ther's mooar ner one way o' skinnin' a cat.

"E cud allis 'ave a gooa-slow, tha knows. An' Ah think Ah'd suppoart 'im i' that.

"It teks 'im long enuf ter preych 'is sermon as it is. Sooa if 'e wer gooin' slow Ah'd 'ave at leeast another haar's suppin' on a Sunday dinnertahme!"


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