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U3A Writing: VE Day

Kay Burgess recalls the day the war with Germany ended.

Church bells were ringing, joyful and strong,
Hooters were blowing an ear-piercing blast,
People were cheering, shouting and singing,
As we heard that the War was over at last.

For six dreary years we'd lived through a time
Of blackouts and rations and news mostly sad,
We could hardly believe that at last if was over,
So we all, in the country, went quite mad.

We forgot all the scary nights we'd not slept,
As the drones of the planes and the guns were so loud,
And the bombs when they dropped in a frightening clump
That our fears didn't show made us feel proud.

The patterns of searchlights crossing the sky,
The rat a tat of the guns as they fired.
So often a plane was caught in their sights
Their accuracy was so much admired.

The damp musty smell of the Anderson shelter
Was horrid, one could feel the earth's chill.
The relief when the siren sounded "All clear",
Was tremendous and remains with us still.

The juggling and worry to eke out the rations
of sugar, tea, butter and meat.
And 'points' for the tins of so many things
That to use some tinned fruit was a treat.

Coupons for clothing and awful lisle hose,
Points for chocolates and sweets,
How we juggled and struggled with shortages
That we cheerfully managed to beat.

So we had a great party with music and fun
But amidst all the joy there were tears,
For those we had lost and would not see again
Those would be remembered for years.


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