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U3A Writing: Busy

Time is the enemy of the busy woman, as Joan Semmler’s poem reveals.

Busy, busy, always busy
Cooking, cleaning, milking cows,
Washing, ironing, feeding calves,
Making sauce and jam in jars.
Packing veggies in the shed,
Tending Grandma sick in bed,
Morning lunches, cups of tea,
Droppers-in and family.
Sewing, mending on the Singer,
Treddling while planning dinner,
School committee, floats and fetes,
Pastie days and Christmas cakes.

Sunday visits by city cousins,
Mum made cream puffs by the dozen
For every stall and ball in town;
Her sponges earned her high renown.
I could go on, but then
I might, be here all night.
As you may have gathered from this rhyme
My mother's enemy was time.


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