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Poetry Pleases: Candlelight Dance

Judith Joyce Poe reflects on the ageing proces as she watches the world in its candlelight dance.

Judith writes for Bonzer! magazine. Do please visit www.bonzer.org.au

The sweet cloying scent of apple in the air
Wafts through the breezes which tousle my hair
Bades me listen to the sounds of Indian summer,
The cry of crickets and soft whisper of hummer,
As it visits the feeder hung here on my porch.

Do you remember what it felt like to be young?
When our lives were songs that had yet to be sung
When each day was just the next day we had
And we filled it brimming, only then to be sad
When the last flickering light went out in the torch.

Do you remember the funny jokes that we told?
“Knock, Knock”, “Who’s there?” we laughed till we cried
And the school songs and ballads we chanted so sweet
Riding home on the bus to our place on the street
Not caring or worrying who heard us back then.

Now we don’t dare raise our voices too loud
Someone might hear us and tell all the crowd.
We are older, maturer, wiser we think
But the minutes pass swiftly by as we blink
And we waste precious moments to spend.

Only the brave can live fully and fine
For only the brave can step up to the line
We watch them and wish for the courage they have
And wonder if we could be them called to save
Another when we have the chance.

Listening to Indian summer sounds, I ponder
These things in my heart, and I wonder,
Am I brave enough or will He make me stronger
As I lean on His strength in future days longer
Watching the world in its candlelight dance.

© Judith Joyce Poe


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