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Poetry Pleases: Hymn To DIY

Mike Eastwood presents a chuckle-filled hymn to DIY, based on All Things Bright And Beautiful. Come on now, all join in – but not with hammer and paint-brush!

Our house in bright and beautiful
With pictures in the hall.
The furniture is modern
‘Cos my dad made it all.

Each wooden door that opens,
Each pipe and bath tap too.
He made the whole caboodle.
He even made the loo.

With some things working nicely
And some just not so well,
When put up on the market
‘Twill be difficult to sell.

We may be here forever;
I may be here for life.
But what a lovely present
To offer to my wife.

Our house is very practical,
And for the children small
‘Tis their idea of heaven
To paint upon the wall.

Our house is bright and beautiful.
I don’t care what you say.
It’s been so much better since
My father ran away.


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