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Yorkshire Dialect: Telly Whahle You Wait

There's an unexpected outcome to a conflict on what to watch on telly in Mike Shaw's latest good humoured Yorkshire Dialect musings.

Ah think Ah've mentioned afooar 'at yar Ethel's allis gooin' on at me ower wat we're baan ter wetch on t' telly.

Afta t' tea it's nooan ser bad 'cos Ah wetch a few o' t' sooaps lahke Coronation Street, an' i' onny case Ah can allis reead th' Examiner fer an haar or sooa.

But durin' t day, especially wen it's rainin', we get inta some reight rows, an' o' cooarse Ethel usually gets 'er own rooad i' t' finish.

T other day Ah wer fair lookin' forrard ter wetchin' t' cricket, an' it wer reight entertainin' up ter lunchtahme.

Ah switched off at one o' clock wen Ethel gets back fra t' chip'oil wi' fish an' chips fer t' dinner, an' then Ah settled missen daan i' th' armcheer agen fer th' afternooin.

That gate Ethel's 'air off ter some panandle. "Wat dosta think tha'r dooin' naah?" shoo asked. "Dooan't think tha'r wetchin' cricket awl afternooin an' awl.

"Tha's 'ad t' bloomin' telly awl mornin', sooa that's thi tantem. Ah'm baan ter wetch Neighbours an' then ther's a reight gooid film on until teea-tahme,'' shoo sed, switchin' t' telly ovver.

Ah cud see 'at Ah'd lost a battle theer awl reight, sooa Ah picked up neet afooar's Examiner fer another reead.

Awl on a sudden Ah spotted summat Ah musta missed afooar, then Ah gets up an' puts mi cap an' scarf on.

"That's it, 'ways wi' thee ter t' club fer a bit. It'll be a change fra telly wetchin'," sed Ethel.

"Club be blowed," Ah sed on mi way aat. "Ah'm off ter t' court in taan. They'n getten a telly theer naah in t' waitin' room, an' Ah reckon them fowk ull nooan be as okkard as thee!"


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