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Poetry Pleases: What More Can I Say?

Itís awfully hard to build a nest, says Kay Savage.

Iíve shifted house and changed my view,
Which also changed the things I do.
Iíve gardens now with seeds to sow,
And weekly there are lawns to mow.
My new backyard a sunny spotÖ
I find Iím sitting there a lotÖ
And housework, which I found a bore
Is pleasure now, no longer chore,
For plans abound as I move dust,
New curtains, cushionsÖand I must
Remember, when I go to town,
To match a certain shade of brown.
I couldnít bear to have it clashÖ
(I wonder where Iíll find the cash?)

So many things Iíve found to do,
Each day working, each day new,
And though Iíve had the urge to write,
Iíve spent myself six times come night,
So off I take myself to bed
And dream of home design instead.

So please forgive me, ladies kind,
For having such a vacant mind
And bringing you my poorest bestÖ

Itís awfully hard to build a nest.


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