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Anna And Rosie: 1 - Anna And Rosie

Today we are delighted to begin another serial by Jean Day. . This is the story of a family Ė Jeanís family Ė constructed from letters written by sisters Rosie and Anna during the first 25 years of last century. Daughters of Polish immigrants in North Dakota, the girls, while writing about their own domestic concerns, manage to paint a picture of the small-town American Midwest.

The story will be told in 28 episodes, appearing on consecutive days.

Please do accept the invitation to also read Jean's splendid novel Consequences, which is also being serialised in Open Writing. Click on the title in the menu on this page.

December 1901

Dear Mama,

Thank you very much for giving me a baby sister. Here is my new wool material to make a dress for her. I do love Alec and Andrew and Jack but at last now I have somebody who I can play with. I know I am seven and she is only tiny, but I am sure we will soon be good friends.



January 1902

Dear Aunt Anna,

I know you are living in Chicago now, and have your own life, but you must help us. Moma is thinking of giving the new baby away.

Momaís sister Aunt Julia canít have any children, and she came to our house and I heard her ask Moma if she could have the baby. She said it was unfair that Mary (thatís Momaís name you know) should have five children and that she should have none.

I donít know if you remember Aunt Julia. She is a year younger than Moma and she is married to Uncle Albert. She is pretty and sharp as a dollar. They live on the next door farm with Grandma and Grampa. Anyway, Moma said she would think about it.

Please Aunt Anna, write to Pa right away, and tell him that he must say that she canít give our new baby away.

Thank you.



* (Continued tomorrow)


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