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Poetry Pleases: A Winters Tale - (Sting In The...)

“Is there anything good about winter?’’ Alan Davey asks.

What can we say about winter,
The season that very few like?
Only skiers and skaters
and cold holiday makers
who make a quick break for the snow.

What can we say about winter?
Has anyone got a good word?
We service the boilers
and reproof the Barbours.
Scarves, mittens and duffles
emerge from the cupboards,
then – guess what? –
the weather stays warm.

Is there anything good about winter?
The farmer might say that there is.
He can get out the plough
and harrow, and sow new
winter wheat for the spring.
But his friend on the moor isn’t so sure;
his sheep will be watching for snow.
With that look in their eye,
common sense they defy
and get smothered in fifteen below.

What can we say about winter?
Well what can we say about us?
Come six inches of snow,
all traffic goes slow,
and we slither about on black ice.

Why can’t we be ready
to meet weather safely,
to cope with what winter throws at us?
We just blame out climate
and wait till it’s too late
to do anything other than cuss.

However let’s not be unhappy.
There is a good side to this tale.
The seasons go round;
spring will come, I’ll be bound,
and summer and autumn will follow.
We’ll forget winter’s pain,
the chills and the rain.
Next time plan to be ready –
- tomorrow.


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