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Around The Sun: Heaven

Steve Harrison contemplates the nature and reality of Heaven.

Albert Einstein said we probably only use 10% of our brains, Id qualify that by saying we only use 10% of our potential.

Were taught from day one not to be open, not be imaginative, how to hide our feelings, stymie our creativity and conform with the rest of the masses. Life becomes a continual numbing of our souls, of turning a blind eye to the reality all around us.

We dull ourselves to sleep with sedatives and startle ourselves awake with caffeine. We see things we should be incensed by but always turning a blind eye, immune to the feelings of others.

We become selfish and greedy, struggling mean advantages. We look up to the rich and famous and down on the poor and malnourished. We value expensive toys, money, clothes, cars, boats, electronic equipment, houses, furnishings. At the same time we devalue a gentle and humble heart.

Heaven is all about achieving your full potential. About living in harmony with others, sharing and caring, feeling and expressing. It involves having empathy with and consideration for other people. It also involves praising others, of being aware of how wonderful each human being is.

Heaven is living without fear, living without pain, without shame, without embarrassment, without debt or inadequacy.

Heaven is love in abundance. And that is why it is heaven.


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