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Poetry Pleases: The Field Of Play

Ted Morris brings a poem for this Remembrance Sunday.

Jack, looked down on the field of play
the tears ran down his face
his mates were all around him
dying where they lay.

"Oh why, oh why'' he asked the Lord
"do we play these silly games,
were death and misery
are the order of the day?''

Jack look down on Billie Dolan
A seventeen year old lad
Who was crying for his mother
As the blood gushed from his side.

Billie was dying on this field of play
No comfort for this lad
Those cries for his beloved mother
Would be the last he had.

The only trophies on this field of play
Were mutilation and sorrow
And a grim kind of fame
For those who played this deadly game.

So let us remember on this day
The carnage caused by evil ways
And the millions of sacrificed lives
On those deadly fields of play.


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