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Anna And Rosie: 22 - Anna And Rosie

Jean Day, constructing a tale by presenting the letters of two sisters, tells of an immigrant family's fortunes in the USA during the early ays of the 20th Century.

August 30, 1924

Dear Rosie

There was a big family get together planned on August 23rd for Gertie’s 18th birthday, and she left right after for the convent. She knew that Pa wouldn’t allow her to go, so she just took off and got the train to Jamestown, and then to St. Paul, Minnesota where the Sisters of St. Joseph have their big convent.

She wrote a note to me and said she didn’t think that anyone would miss her, or even notice that she had gone. I took the train up to St. Paul to see her the next weekend. I was so upset.

The novitiate is set outside of the town in the countryside. I sort of felt like Gertie was being shut away in a prison or mental hospital, it was so dark and gloomy. I cried when I had to go home and leave her there. But Gertie said it was what she wanted, with or without her family’s support.

I do so feel guilty that we couldn’t do more for her to make her feel loved. She says at least God loves her. But we love her too, we just weren’t able to show her how much.




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