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Anna And Rosie: 27 - Anna And Rosie

Jean Day's story of the struggles of a family in America's Mid-West during the early decades of the Twentieth Century comes to an end with a death in the family.

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Hursfield, ND

March 25th, 1928

Dear Rosie

I went to Minneapolis to be with Ken because the doctors said they couldnít do much. I donít think I really believed that he would die. One night when I was in the room with him, March 18th it was, he said he couldnít get his breath so I went and opened the window wider and when I turned around he was dead. I couldnít believe it. He was only 24, younger even than me.

We took him home for burial. His death certificate says he died from subacute bacterial endocarditis. We took him to Jamestown for his funeral and he was buried in Jamestown cemetery.

I am going to be staying with his folks now. I donít think we really have a choice. His mother will babysit Kathleen while I teach, and in the summers I can go back to Valley City and get some more credits on my teaching certificate and leave Kathleen with Andrew, Alice and Joan. It is nice they have a child almost the same age. And of course you do too. How is your baby John getting on?

Love from Annie and Kathleen


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