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Around The Sun: A Moment Of Bliss

Steve Harrison recalls a morning when he was lost in wonderment while waiting for the ferry boat to Sydney.

Time itself sometimes seems to stand still. These frozen moments, as I call them, can occur during a dramatic event or while seeing incredible beauty. The trick is to relax and enjoy every frozen second.

I recall a divine Thursday. I was standing on Old Musgrave Street wharf, waiting for the regular ferry into Sydney. The weather suggested the start of a heatwave. A thin mist hung over the scene. The water was incredibly still, heavy and deep, inky yet full of promise. Then, in complete silence, pushing a huge wave before it, the ferry arrived from Mosman. The boat seemed huge, pushing that blanket of water, powerful, surreal, creepily silent, gliding through the mist like a spectre, something from another world.

There wasnít a single noise in the heavy air. The ferry glided into the dock without touching its wall. Time expanded. A second seemed endless. I wanted to photograph what I was seeing, to be able to replay it over and over, like a favourite song. My heart sang. Where else on the planet could I enjoy such a moment of bliss?

The North Shorerís on the ferry, bound for work, were stony-faced at the prospect of the day ahead. They read their newspapers, checked their watches, fumbled with their briefcases, nervous in their solitary silence. In contrast I sat with an inane schoolboy grin on my face, lost in wonderment. This was a brilliant moment. The memory of it still fills my heart with bliss.

Iím a lucky man. I know how to stop the world.


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