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Poetry Pleases: Memories In A Haze

Miriam McAtee recalls the world as seen through the eyes and sensed through the nose of an infant.

Mummy always smelt delicious. I smelt her in my sleep and in my dreams.
Long before she came near me I could smell her, cosy and comforting.
Nuzzling up to her, sucking from her, filling my tummy,
she filled my whole world. I was content.

Daddy had an nice smell, different from Mummy, but pleasant.
I too smelt him before he came near.
He was warm and strong and cheerful,
I was happy when Daddy was around. I felt safe.

My brother and sister liked tickling me and making me laugh.
They always smelt of chocolate and ice cream and all things yummy
but not delicious like Mummy - she always smelt special.
They always had lots of stories to tell. I was amused.

Dog had a funny smell, different from the others again!
Though his nose was cold when he nudged me or licked my hand
I felt his love and sensed his protection,
I liked having him around. I felt protected.

Puss didnít have much of a smell. Her purr was noisy but soothing.
She liked sleeping at my feet, warming my toes.
Mummy seemed a little watchful of Puss
but I loved her and she never harmed me. I was cosy.

The light from the window sometimes disturbed me
but Mummy always closed the curtain before it bothered me.
Then a blue cloud would surround me.
I would relax and fall asleep quickly. I felt cocooned.

I liked the funny faces and bright toys that hung above my cot.
I could look at them for hours and never get bored.
They moved and spun and sparkled and make me chuckle
and sometimes even put me to sleep. I was not alone.

Bath-time was fun, the water tickled and cleansed me.
The soap made me smell nice.
I think that I didnít always smell sweet
but Mummy always took care of this. I felt refreshed.

I loved rides in the pram, wrapped snugly against the wind and chill.
I didnít always like people fondling my cheek
or cooing over me but it made Mummy happy
so I cooed and grinned back. I was admired.

There was always laughter and happiness around me.
Mummyís milk warm in my tummy, Daddyís hand strong on my back.
I felt special in my own little world
and maybe hoped a little that I would never grew old. I felt loved.


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