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Poetry Pleases: Podgy Santa

Oh dear! Santa’s getting podgy, he’s eating too much pud, says Aileen Boyed.

Santa’s getting podgy
He’s eating too much pud.
You’d think that he’d be full by now
And you wouldn’t think he could.

He’s stuffed another helping in
To make his tummy sore. It isn’t that he’s greedy
But he felt he’d like some more.

Now his tummy is so swollen
He can’t fit in his suit
His laugh it is not so jolly
And mostly he is mute.

But Rudolph got to thinking
As clever reindeers do,
Should we cut some off his tummy
And put it in a stew?

I don’t like that idea
Said the reindeer known as Dancer,
A beer to make him burp.
Would be a better answer.

We could vaporize it
And bottle it and call it Santa’s cheer.
We’d have a merry Christmas,
And a prancing New Year.


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