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Poetry Pleases: The Church Of The Nativity

Brian Jenkinson’s poem reminds us of the first Christmas.

Is this indeed the place where Christ was born:
This lofty church where now on Christmas morn
The eager pilgrims come to celebrate,
And there before the altar stand and wait
To greet the Lord who to the world was sent,
When he returns in blessed sacrament?

Is this the place, with lamps and incense smoke,
Where shepherds came, to whom the angel spoke?
And does the silver star, set in the floor,
Mark where the manger stood in days of yore?
The truth of things we really cannot know,
Though old tradition says that it is so.

Within the stable shepherds bent the knee,
And as the pilgrims come to church they see
The ‘needle’s eye’, a little door so low
That they must bow as through its way they go.
So in both church and stable love has poured
As folk made their obeisance to the Lord.


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