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U3A Writing: To A Lady Of Courage

After reading Guy Roberts's poem we sympathise with the lady of courage even though we do not know her name.

You have waited long, in expectation,
To receive the surgeon's care
And there must have been occasion
When you offered up a prayer.

The appointments that were rashly made.
And gave you cause for hope,
Were always cancelled or delayed
Because the 'system' could not cope.

Excitement, hope, some apprehension,
Rising as the day draws near,
Then tension builds on tension
And cancellation brings a tear.

But. no one seems to know your anguish.
You, a stoic, have your pride.
Although the pain does not diminish,
You smile and show your cheerful side.

Yet now at last the day has come,
Though some doubt is in your mind.
Oh, Glory Be! - the thing is done!
To pain no more you will be resigned.

For now you are yourself again,
To walk, to run, unfettered, free,
Or even skip if you should deign
And life will be as it used to be.

With eagerness you will greet the day,
Your horizons have regained there view.
December now is ever May
Because your spirit determined you.


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