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Poetry Pleases: Oh My Love, My Land

Masimba Biriwasha, an African living far from his homeland, brings us this heartfelt poem.

From afar, the dimming star
Strikes chords that are so deep
It feels like the touch of frozen light bulb
Against my tongue
O, my land, my love

Whatever happened to the promise of the beginning
That kept us together in love's embrace
With a hope of unturned tomorrows
We could have become anything we wanted
Under heaven's starry eyes

Yet, look -
Now, all we have to show is but
Bags of bones and plastic promises
Baton sticks, and tear gas canisters
Potholed streets pregnant with aborted dreams

How I wish we could run again my love
Far from the deadness of our souls
Far into the brightness of our first promise

O, yes love, my land
Letís exit the madness now
And rediscover our lost love


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