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Yorkshire Dialect: An Awl-raander 'at Nivver Cums Off

Mike Shaw's dialect tale introduces an awl-raander, a garment to be worn year-in, year-out.

Jack Bamforth an' me wer ommost blown away wen we wer walkin' daan ter t' club last week.

"Tha wouldn't think 'at t' cricket seeason wer jist startin', would ter?" sed Jack. "Ah jist can't weigh t' weather up."

"Ner me," Ah replahd. "A couple o' days back tha'd a thowt we wer haufway through t' cricket seeason, it wer sooa grand an' warm."

Wen we gate ter t' club, Jooa an' Charlie joined in t' conversation whahle t' wind aatsahde wer mekkin mooar noise ner yar Ethel wen shoo's getten t' belly wark.

"By gum, Ah'm fain 'at Ah didn't tek mi vest off on that reight warm day," sed Charlie. Ah wer thinkin' seriously abaat it afta diggin' t' garden ower," he went on. "Ah usually leeave it till t' cricket seeason.''

Ah'd been talkin' ter t' son-in-law an' 'is cricketin' mate a few days afoor an' they fair laffed wen they fun aat Ah'd still getten mi vest on."

Ah 'ad a sup o' mi pahnt an' replahd, "Ah, well, thees young fowk can laff awl they lahke, but they'll nooan get me strippin' owt off yet a bit."

"Whah, dosta still follow yond sayin' abaat nooan castin' a claat till May be aat?" asked Charlie.

"May, May, whativyer arta talkin' abaat," Ah sed. "Ah maht think abaat leeavin' mi long Johns off in July. But mi vest's wat thee an' yond cricketin' mates maht call an awl-raander. It stops on awl t' yeear raand!"


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