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Poetry Pleases: In Search Of Words

Miriam McAtee’s poem is about a search familiar to everyone who tries to write.

I’m all of a flurry,
have to put a String of Words
together in a hurry
Where can I find those elusive Words?

Spent the whole day and night searching.
I looked and looked
but Words could not be found
when once they were always around.

I went into the garden and searched
all I found
were trees, bushes, flowers, even birds
but no Words!

The valley was green and fair
and though I looked everywhere
no Words greeted me there.

I even found the rainbow’s end
but that crock of gold yielded not
my golden String of Words.

I heard the rhythmic sound of a trickling brook
bronze leaves and umber twigs chittered on their merry way
but no Words danced along in their wake.

The breeze off the ocean was cool
clouds fluttery, fluffy and white
but Words stayed stubbornly out of sight.

The streaky evening sky was glorious
Shafts of golden light peeped through……………

The moon was fat and full
The pool was serene and beautiful……………

I searched the moonlit sea
There were sequins on the water………

But so blinded by beauty was I all the while
that woe is me
not a Word anywhere did I see.

I looked up at the midnight sky
silver on indigo.
Entranced, mesmerised……
at last sadly realised
that my words have dissipated into the Ether
or even into the Twilight Zone
leaving me bereft and alone.


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