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U3A Writing: Mother's Words

Peggy MacKay recalls some of her motherís favourite sayings.

* Empty cans make the most noise. (People who had nothing worthwhile to say)

* A bleating cow soon forgets its calf. (People who made a lot of noise mourning a spouse)

* Many a black look and nought said (When people said it looked like rain. This also applied to people.)

* You will get a feather in your cap, and if you have one in your bottom youíll be a peacock. or You will get a tripe medal with a leather centre. (This when we were being very clever and smart.)

* Take your dirty fingers out of your mouth or you will have tic tolereroo

* Donít sit on that cold step or you will have kincost in your bottom.

* Let your meat stop your mouth. Eat what you can, and can what you canít. (When getting too cheeky at the table)

* All to match and nought upstairs (People who were showing off with new furniture or clothes)

* Itís enough to make a parson swear and burn his books. (A disaster or crisis)

* Youíll throw away shoes until boots wonít have you. (When we turned down boyfriends)

* Youíve so much muck to eat before you die.

* Money and fair words. (When we asked the price of anything.)

* Youíll have to trust in the Lord and keep your bowels open. (In times of crisis this was her favourite.)


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