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Yorkshire Dialect: Springin' a Surprahse

The seasons have gone topsy-turvy in Mike Shaw's latest dialect tale.

Jack Bamforth called at yar haas t' other mornin' ter see if Ah fancied a walk raand t' village seein' as t' sun wer shahnin'.

"Aye, we mun as weel mek t' mooast o' this warm weather," Ah replahd. "Ah'm flaid we maht 'ave ter pay fer it afooar t' winter's ovver."

As we wer walkin' daan t' street Ah looked ovver t' wall inta Jooa Sykes's garden an' beckoned Jack ovver ter mek sure Ah wan't seein' things.

"That can't be a second crop o' strawberries 'at Jooa's getten, can it?" Ah asked.

"It can, an' wat's mooar it is," replahd Jack wen 'e'd 'ad a gooid look.

"T bloomin' plants dooan't know whether they're on this earth or Fuller's," 'e sed.

"Ah've getten primrooases blossomih' i' mah front garden, an' t' next-dooar neighbour 'as awl sooarts spruttin'."

"Ivverythin's upsahde daan an' reight," Ah sed. "Th" animals an' birds seeam ter think we'n missed winter aat this tahme.

"They reckon it's t' warmest winter fer ovver three 'undred yeears. Tha'll jist abaat remember that," Ah chuckled.

"Tha maht as weel laff whahle tha's t' chance," Jack replahd. "But tha'll be laffin' on t' other sahde o' thi face sooin.

"Tha'd better prepare thissen fer a shock wen tha gets wom. Tha Ethel came raand ter yar haas jist afoor Ah set off.

An Ah distinctly yerd 'er say shoo wer sooa full o' beeans wi' awl t' warm weather 'at shoo's bairn ter get thee on spring cleeanin' termorra!"


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