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Fast Fiction: Tally's Day

…He switched off, grabbed his briefcase and managed to get out before the car sank deeper…

Is Mr Tally going to be late for his meeting? Richard Mallinson tells a squelchy tale.

Early for his appointment in Granvey, Tally went for a drive, north, out of the town and into a side-road which supposedly led to a place called Drincott.

Two miles on, however, he decided to turn back - but this wouldn't be easy because the road was now hardly more than a narrow lane.

He slowed at a gap in the hedge and drove through it into a field, hoping to turn. There was a squelching sound and the car began to subside.

He switched off, grabbed his briefcase and managed to get out before the car sank deeper.

Having splashed his way clear, he looked at his watch. Would he be able to get back in time for - ?

Get back? How the hell was he going to do that?
'And now, Mr Tally,' said the managing director of Granvey Electronics Ltd, 'please tell us why we should give you the order and not someone else.'

There was a trickle of polite laughter round the table.

'Well,' said Tally, blinking, 'let me put it like this -' and he went into his sales pitch, adjusted slightly for the occasion.

Afterwards, when the others had dispersed, the managing director said, 'I prefer to work in town and live in the country.'

Tally, who was short and plump, stood up.

'I live in a tiny village called Drincott,' the managing director went on. 'I don't suppose you've even heard of it, have you?'

His neat grey hair was parted on the right, which Tally detested.

Tally put his cup and saucer on a side table.

'No,' he said, 'I can't say that I have.'
Tally didn't get the order but still expected to be named salesperson of the year.
First, though, he would have to explain about the car.


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