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Thai Girl Tattle: The Female Of The Species

Even tempered? Passive? Gentle? Petite?

Best-selling novelist Andrew Hicks recommends second thoughts on the subject of Thai girls.

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The archetypal 'Thai girl' is sweet-natured, even tempered, passive and gentle, a petite, purring pussy cat whose only pleasure is in pleasing her man. True or false?

So who's kidding who? Like hell she is! All the most powerful and fiery qualities are focussed in Thai womanhood for which I salute and celebrate them. It is they who will fight most furiously for their young and for their families and for this strength of character as much as for their undoubted feminine qualities I admire them. Who is it who drinks all the lao khao then?

It sometimes happens that when I say "Thai girl', people think I've said 'tiger'. How apposite that is!

Had William Blake made it to Nana Plaza before going to London zoo, his famous couplets might possibly have run something like this.

"Thai girl, Thai girl, feisty, fit,
In the sois of Sukhumvit.
What immoral hand or eye
can frame thy fearless symetry."

Just an idle thought!


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