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Around The Sun: The Key To Truth

Steve Harrison writes of deep and significant matters.

When I sit down to write an article words usually spring readily to mind. Often I can’t write fast enough to get them arranged into sentences. But this time it’s different. I am digging deep into the cavern where my neglected memories are buried.

There was an Arabian shipman on a Sinbad adventure, a quest to find the key to great wealth. He encountered pirates, treacherous seas, man-eating creatures,,,and he kept on going. Eventually he found himself in a maze and was confronted by a number of doors. He chose the door which seemed least accessible, the one most heavily defended. Against all the odds he fought, and finally he passed through the doorway. Then he found all that his heart had desired.

“When you search,’’ he said casually “choose the situation which seems likely to bring the greatest confusion and turmoil.’’

That advice grabbed my attention.

One of the first questions I asked my mother was “Where do we go when we die?’’

Her reply was “No one has ever come back to tell us.’’

My mother was a down-to-earth person. I was not brought up to be religious or superstitious. It was my own choice to read the teachings of philosophers and psychologists. I read the Koran, the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I went in search of an answer to the question I had asked my mother. I studied astrology, astronomy. I was fascinated by anything and everything to do with the occult, the surreal, the paranormal.

Folk who cared said that I was looking for Jesus. I shrugged that off as an absurd suggestion. The last thing I wanted was an encounter with Christianity.

Finally I decided to read the Bible for myself, not to believe in what it contained but to enable me to argue against Christianity. I discovered that my mother was wrong. Someone did come back to tell us.

I read the Bible from cover to cover. Every word. What I found was a sharp sword, a weapon to cut through confusion and turmoil.

Now I often lie awake wondering what do with this enormous burden which I carry around with me.

The burden?

I know The Truth.


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