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Around The Sun: Heaven Scent

Steve Harrison glimpses Heaven in the innocence and scent of his baby daughter.

They say that every newborn infant comes with the promise that God is not finished with mankind yet.

When I wake first thing in the morning, I spend at least an hour sitting and listening in wonderment to my young baby, Rachel, who is six months young. This is a beautiful time for me, a time of enlightenment.

There are many things about Rachel that reduce me to tears of appreciation. I am after all a doting father. Most especially, I like the smell of her.

I hold her in my arms and draw her close to me, drawing in deep breaths of her; of her hands, feet, cheeks, hair. Sometimes I want to completely engulf her and cradle her forever, close to my chest.

Rachel smells of sleep, of cleanliness and soap, fresh milk, washed linen, morning dew. She has the divine aroma of eagerness, openness, willingness and trust. She smells of everything that is good, wholesome and meaningful. More than anything else she smells of innocence, of life itself.

Although I have never smelled one I think she has the bouquet of one of God’s angels.

I treasure these smells, storing them in memory’s vault.

Rachel looks at me with big, round almond-and-butter eyes which seem to say “I know you worry daddy about the state of the world, the destruction of the planet. But God has sent me to convince you that he loves you and all humanity. That he will never forsake you.’’

Tears come to my eyes as I recognise the truth of this revelation.

My Rachel. Heaven sent, and Heaven’s scent.


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