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U3A Writing: The Look

This desirable creature with elegant legs and golden-brown eyes was a desirable catch. Such a pity that she should have become an pbject of fashion.

Zelda Margo’s story has a sting in its tail.

At the time of my birth there was no talk of dysfunctional families. Assuming there had been, it would never have been applied to us.

We were a great family. A devoted mother, a busy father and happy playful sibling in a healthy environment. I was always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, a quick learner. I grew into problem-free gorgeous young adulthood. Elegant legs, beautiful colouring, golden-brown eyes and full of fun. Of course I was desirable, very, very desirable, I could say hunted.

Hunted and caught. That is how I entered the world of Haute Couture as a fox-fur piece on a velvet evening coat by Dior. Christian Dior, the top designer of the mid-twentieth century. He was well aware that without me pepping up his creation, it would simply be another velvet coat. I turned it into true elegance and it was delivered to a duchess renowned for her style and singular lack of beauty. So there I was, swanning it in High Society.

The fashion of the day was to wear my species around one's neck. Dull red eyes above a jaw snapped shut on its own tail. Absolutely gross.

Gross and cruel. Fur, now totally out of fashion. Gorgeous on the animal, on a human being, the less said the better.

The twenty-first century has seen a vast change in morals, mores and fashion but I have survived. Dior crafted a deliciously romantic elegant garment enhanced by my amazing colouring, now a highly prized and priced collectable.


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