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Yorkshire Dialect: Aunt Sally For Mayor

Mike Shaw tells a dialect tale about local politics.

"By gum, Ah thowt Kirklees Caancil culdn't get onny war, but they're at a reight noit naah," said yar Ethel whahle shoo wer reeadin' th' Examiner.

"Aye, Ah wer reeadin' abaat that missen," Ah replahd. "Afta th' elections they gat wat they call a hung caancil. Ah see some o' t' caancillors reckon that's wat we vooated for. Asta ivver yerd sich daft talk i' thi lahfe? As if fowk ud gooa aat ter put ther cross for a mess kahke that."

Ethel carried on reeadin' t' paper an' sed, "Ah see ther's another row abaat who shud be t' Mayor an' awl. It must be a reight cushy number, Ah reckon, else they wudn't fratch ovver it lahke childer ovver a bag o' spahce."

Ah laffed at that, cos Ah reckon shoo'd 'it t' nail on t' yed fer once. "It's wat tha calls a power struggle," Ah replahd.

"That's as maybe, but it's awl at yar expense, dooan't forget. They can claim brass fer ivvery meetin' they gooa to," sed Ethel.

"Aye, an' Ah bet ther'll be mooar meetings ner ivver till they get summat sooarted aat," Ah sed. "Just fancy, awl this kerfuffle cud gooa on fer twelve months wi' nowt gettin' done. It'll be jist lahke yond games o' chess on t' telly wen they laike arrand till they get fed up an' then settle fer a draw.

"'Appens t' best thing they cud do is ter 'ave a replay. Or else settle it wi penalties an' put t' Mayor up as Aunt Sally."


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