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Poetry Pleases: Ode To A Stottie

Mary Shepherd of Ashington, Northumberland - a Geordie, and rightly proud of the fact - brings us an ode to stottie cake. Stottie is a kind of bread - and if you haven't eaten it, well you really haven't lived.

Aa like a bit o stottie
I really, really dee
With a bit o ham an pease pud
Aa'll hev sum fir me tea

Ye can o course be posh
An hev it with sum Hoomis or sum spam
But aam a proper Geordie lass
I like me pease an ham

But one thing beats pease pudding
On a stottie any day
It gans back ti me childhood
On the beach at Whitley Bay

Real stottie seaside sandwiches
Tomato, egg and salad cream
An half a ton of wind-blown sand
Stuck ti the margerine

Those happy days of childhood
on the beach at whitley bay
Wind and sand and stottie cakes
Aa'd hev it any day!


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