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Around The Sun: Those Aliens Will Return

Steve Harrison dreams of a peaceful place.


This world is not my own Im just a passing through, my treasure is laid up somewhere beyond the blue Negro spiritual song

As a kid I was overly sensitive with a very vivid imagination. I was a loner and always felt intimidated by other kids in the playground. I preferred my own inner imaginings. I never fitted in.

We played Green Door. All the kids went to one side of the playground. That is, all the kids but one who was left to guard the Green Door, which actually was large garage door, and yes, it was painted green. The object of the game was to touch that green door before being tagged. Sometimes I participated in the game, but mostly I preferred to hang back and watch the others rushing around.

Sometimes I seemed to float above what was going on before my eyes. It was as though I was lying on a table, with strange faces examining me. And this was long before I had heard stories of alien abduction.

Then I was back in the playground, with a teacher yelling at me. "Harrison, what are you doing lad? Snap out of it!''

Even to this day I sometimes find myself day-dreaming that I am floating above the world in a place of absolute security.

Some day they will come to take me home.


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