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Poetry Pleases: Woman Of Her Quest

"The function of an artist is to reveal an inner divine realm,'' says Masimba Biriwasha. "This essential divinity is tragically submerged in humanity. To ignore this divine impulse is to destroy one's potential for achieving authentic selfhood and psychological maturity."

This poem by Masimba concerns a woman who unlocks her imprisoned soul.

In that cluttered moment of despair,
When the chorus of her life played discord
And voices around her urged her to suck the struggle
She dove into the cesspit of her passion
Breaking off the limits that she bore for so long
In the pit of her womb
Eager to weave freedom’s quilt along a path untrod

Off she went, seeking petals of enlightenment in the mud
Like a lotus, she grew from within the gloomy waters

Amid the cremation of her keyless-imprisoned soul
She raised the head of her seed

Then her roots grew
Taking her beyond the absent walls
Through a labyrinth filled with self-conjured madness, fears and horror

Till she touched the heavens with an elegant grace

There, she swirled as silently as a star
Exploding across the galaxy of her being
True to the first call of her being

Now she buds with a virginal freshness
Amid horizons unfounded
Where she becomes the artist
Painting on life’s naked veil
In bold and loud colours
That whisper to her


As if a new earth
Has given birth in her bones
Shooting a thousand flames
Into the dryness of her spirit

She’s free!
Free now!

To be the woman of her quest


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