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Poetry Pleases: A Butterfly's Dream

Masimba Biriwasha's poem expresses the lightness and beauty, the hopes and dreams of a fragile butterfly.

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O, see, sweet butterfly
How she dreams to be alone with the silver cloud

See, how she swirls,
Swirls with her wings pricked
Swirls with her feelers raised upward
In perfect harmony and grace –

The wind whispers to her
As she sups on a juicy bloom
Telling her to seek her singular dream

She’s the butterfly from next door
With a passion of fire
With a heart of milk and honey
With a faith as solid as stone

Her body curls and rounds
With a pregnant expectation
To give birth to her dream

Silently, she rises, unveiling
Her wings like a newly-risen rainbow
Over roofs and landscapes, she rises
Over valleys and creeks, she rises
Passionately, madly seeking
The love of her first dream

The sun’s brilliant light
Flows through her crystal wings
As she plunges deep into the soft palms of her dream
Determined to awaken
The spirit that moved her ancestors
To seek their own dreams

Then she raises her head.
Flaps her wings to shake off the pollen dust
Then she swings against the sun.

Pause, pause, the butterfly pauses
And the air holds her as if it’s made of strings
Letting her to taste the sweet aroma of limitlessness
In the vast expanse of time and space

A thunder-lightning faith dashes
Through her veins with the energy
Of an orgasmic explosion

Up, up, she rises
And eastward, she heads
To become one with the silver cloud

Ahead of her, the horizon breaks loose
And angels appear singing a lullaby to her
As she consummates with the silver cloud

Sing, the angels sing:

O, sweet butterfly
Now that you have the dream under the clasp
Of your wings

“Rise again, rise again!”


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