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Poetry Pleases: A Season of Faith’s Cataclysm

...Out of the mud, the lotus of your being unveils itself..

Masimba Biriwasha's poem advises us to look within ourselves to find that for which we search.

Say, the season now gives birth
In its awakening self
To moments that need molding into perfection
Like a lover’s unfulfilled promise

Through its mists you search for affection
To embrace the freshness
That bursts forth with magnificence
As you connect with your present being

You release your sails toward the outward bound
Looking for a new faith that will lead you on
Into the un-traversed territories
Where old fears and desires clatter to the ground

And wish you good luck to dig deeper within
For that which - all along - you sought outside
Making you forget the kingdom of the gods is within you

So, you start off, once again
Free of the poisonous contradictions
That gathered like dust about your mortal self
Cluttering the essence of your being

Gently, with grace, the season of faith’s cataclysm unfolds
And fills your spirit as a loud shout thrice breaks forth:
There’s the light!
There’s the light!
There’s the light!

Shrouds of darkness
Fall away like dry fish scales from your eyes
Then something new sprouts from your depths
A song. A faith. A glimmer.

Out of the mud, the lotus of your being unveils itself

Bathed in light, you’re born again
The way opens, accepting you gracefully.
And you discover: it was never in the sky
But in your heart -

In that middle path, you bloom
Dispelling the monkey sounds of the past

An illumination rises from within
And sheds light on things which
You had never seen before.


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