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Classical Composers A-Z: Charles Villiers Stanford

Peter Wintersgill introduces the prolific composer Charles Villiers Stanford.

30th September, 1852, in Dublin.

Studied in Cambridge from 18 (1870).

Adult Life
Appointed organist at Trinity College, Cambridge and conductor of Cambridge University Musical Society from 1873-92. Later studied in Leipzig under Reinecke and in Berlin under Kiel. Professor of Composition
at Royal College of Music from 1883 till death. Pupils included Vaughan Williams, Bliss, Howells and Holst. Professor of Music at Cambridge 1887 till death.

He wrote widely: ten operas, seven symphonies, seven concertos, eight
string quartets, six Irish Rhapsodies and sundry piano, organ and chamber works. Little of his work is heard today.

His main claim to fame, though, lies in his church music, e.g. the Service in B flat and Magnificat, also vocal and choral music, e.g. Songs of the Fleet (1910) and Songs of the Sea (1904).

He died 29th March, 1924, in London aged 71.


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