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Poetry Pleases: Into Colour

...you must become quiet so
you perceive the river of light
on the edge of adversity...

Poet Masimba Biriwasha shines a light on the difficult path we follow towards the meaning of life.

into colour,you're suddenly given birth
and you become the rainbow
in the sky, sheltered in a
magic of silence.

from the ramble of your
ragged self, you erode into the
core of your world. out of your
sinews, thick clouds
splutter and ooze an
incessant froth of dark pleasures
that blinds your faith into an unending circle of
self-search. the quest of flesh coils until
you become as blunt as a heavy-hearted
prodigal. then, you begin to seek
the father of light again. die, you've to die
in your soul to become the break of dawn
you yearn for. you must become quiet so
you perceive the river of light
on the edge of adversity. if you see it, you stop
putting your life on hold. if you see it, you stop
throwing rocks, and plunge
into the cesspit with the speechless
moon gazing at you, smilingly.
its rays dance upon the small of your back, planting roots.
in maddening flashes, the roots rush in your marrow,
spreading a new tune; a tune of new beginnings
for you fought so long, falling and rising again,
always remembering that the speechless moon
is that palm that brings the light, filling you
with the holy spirit.
now, the speechless moon has found you
and together, you become the unified soul
that you sought for so long.


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