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Yorkshire Dialect: The Ups And Downs Of Life

You'll never get some folk onto an aircraft, as Mike Shaw's dialect tale reveals.

Whahle we wer talkin' abaat summer 'olidays at t' club on Setdy, Edwin Walker sed 'im an' t' missus were baan ter Greece.

"By gum, that's a 'eck of a long way ter gooa on a cooach," sed Jooa Sykes.

"Oh, we're nooan gooin' bi cooach, we're flahin' ter Athens," replahd Edwin, as praad as Punch. "It's th' ooanly way ter travel, Ah reckon. It'd knock me aat fer days if we wer awl that tahme on a cooach. Ah remember wen we went bi cooach ter Switzerland. Tuthri days afta we gate wom Ah could still feel t' wheels gooin' raand."

Jooa Sykes, same as me, 'as nivver flown in 'is lahfe, an' 'e reckoned 'e wer nooan baan ter start naah. "Ah lahke ter feel t' graand unda mi feet," 'e sed. Ah used ter come ovver giddy if we ivver went upsteers at t' pictures."

"Yus, Ah'm a bit same," Ah telled 'im. "Ah could ner mooar gooa up i' an aeroplane ner do one o' yond bungee-jumps 'at's all t' rage just naah."

Jack Bamforth reckoned 'at cars an' planes wer tekkin' ovver us lahves thees days. "They're diggin' up fer new rooads awl ovver t' shop, an' at t' same tahme they're wantin' mooar an' mooar runways at th' airpooarts."

Jack reckoned 'at if 'e wer fifty yeears younger, 'e'd gooa an' join them protesters 'at's trahin ter stop t' diggin'.'

"Ah think tha's getten a point theer, Jack," Ah sed. "Ah'd come wi' thee, Ah think, if Ah wer their age."

Jack 'ad a bit on a laff at that an' sed 'at seein' as Ah couldn't stand 'ights Ah'd be nooah gooid fer clahmbin' up trees. "Tha'd atta gooa undergraand i' one o' t' tunnels asteead," 'e telled me.

"It's a bloomin' tale," Ah replahd. "Ah'm war gooin' daan ner Ah am gooin' up. Ah start feelin' wammy if yar Ethel sends me inta t' cellar ter t' coil-oile!"


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