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Poetry Pleases: Picture Them

Joyce Worsfold writes a poem about people in need – then asks questions about what can be done to help them.

Picture them
Streetwise children with pinched faces and knowing eyes.
Who have already dismissed Jesus Christ, along with Santa Claus,
But are still aware of a nagging desire, for something.

Picture them
Cynical young men
Seeking always to be top dogs, centre halves, goal scorers, star turns
Yet always on the wrong side, in the wrong place

Picture her
A young girl
Self-conscious and scared
Mirror-watching spot-squeezing
Constantly wishing to look like…someone else
Longing to be part of the crowd
But never quite belonging.

Picture them
Young parents
Always rushing, working to pay a billion bills
Striving to buy a better life
Harassed and hectic
No time to think
Why this? Why that?
No time to consider, meaning.

Dazed in the dark she stands
She walks. Steps echo
A lump they say, a lump
Fear suffocates
Urgent surgery they said
She waits, a hospital bed.
Is this it?
What was it all about?
Where now?

He stands, waiting, waiting
Who will point him out?
Will they be in time?


As we think of these people and of others that we know personally let us meditate on how we as individuals and churches can reach out with the hand and heart of Jesus. How can we cherish these people that he loves.

What can I give them?
How can I pray for them?
How do I get to know them better?
What practical help do they need?
How do we build up and strengthen Christian friendship?
Every Christian has some kind of evangelical ministry so how can we introduce people to Christ?

As a church or as a group of friends can we evangelise through some kind of social action?

For instance, a single parents group.
Baby-sitting circle.
Meals on wheels.
Luncheon clubs for the elderly, for mums with toddlers, for the middle-aged and active.
Advice centre.
Prayer hotline.
After school clubs.
Special assemblies in schools.

Have I shared my faith recently, with my family, with friends, neighbours, work colleagues or do I keep it under wraps?

Have I shared my home and hospitality with others. How can I do this?


Father there is so much to do and sometimes the thought of it all overwhelms me. Help me to remember that I am not alone. You are in charge, you are all powerful and all-loving. Help me to love more deeply and to understand more clearly your purpose for me. Show me Lord, where I should concentrate my energies and how I can help the people that you send to me to realise their own specialness and to know that they are precious to you.


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