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Fast Fiction: Rather Unusual

In Richard Mallinson’s tale office gossip suddenly turns into something….rather unsual.

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'Have you heard the latest?' she asks as we sit in the pub.

'No, I haven't,' I say, 'and I don't particularly want to.'

'But I want to tell you, I really do.'

I grimace. 'Go on, then, if you insist.'

'Well, they went off after the office party and haven't been seen since.'

'And what do you want me to do about it?'

'Nothing. I just thought I should let you know.'

'Well, you've let me know . . . and now what?'

'I think I'll go to see Teddy ... he might know where they are.'

'Yes, I suppose you could ask him . . . and why not try Amelia? She's always picking up bits of gossip and passing them on.'

'Yes, I know, but she never seems to want to talk to me.'

'That's odd, she talks to everybody else . . . She's unstoppable.'

'Yes, but she won't talk to me.'

'You must have said something to upset her.'

'No, I haven't. . . Never.'

'Not even when you were drunk? Or when she was drunk?'

'No, I'm sure I... Anyway, let's hope those two will come back.'

'Do you think they might not? Do you know something that I don't? Come on, tell me.'

'Ha,' she says, 'a minute ago you didn't want to know . . . Actually there's nothing to tell except that they had a fling about a year ago but it sort of fizzled out.'

'Well, it's obviously flared up again. . . Wait a minute, look over there, at the bar... That's her, isn't it? She's back.'

'Yes, but the chap with her isn't him ... I can't quite see. . . Crikey, it's Teddy . . . And look, Amelia's come in and she's going straight up to them . . . Now she's grabbing Teddy by the ... I don't know what's going on, I really don't.'

'Yes, it is rather unusual,' I say.


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