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Here's Alison: The Parent-Teacher's Event

Alison Ross's poem tells of a monumental mistake at the parent-teacher's event.

To the parent-teacher's event
With anticipation, our Jennie went

She knew their daughter, was doing fine
Although her years were only nine…

She was convinced that her school
Would know that Tania was no fool

But sitting down with Tania’s “Miss”
She heard “Tania’s reading’s all amiss…

Her reading age is very low
While her maths is also slow

She fails to comprehend what she has read.''
It’s true this is what her teacher said.

“Her writing’s messy, stories make no sense”
Jennie knew “Someone here must be dense!”

Though she held on, with much restraint
It was enough to make one faint…

Then Jennie asked, while feeling wild
“Can we be speaking of the same child?

Our Tania’s reading’s very bright
When she reads to us at night.“

The teacher froze, then blushed bright red
Another child’s report she’d read,

How she wished she’d held her tongue
For her words had got her hung.

Later filled with secret glee
Jen passed the story on to me

While “Miss” went on to shower ‘praise’
On Jennie’s Tania, in many ways.

“Reading age, ‘tween ten and eleven”
Jennie felt she was in heaven

“Comprehension, eighty per cent... “
And on and on the teacher went.

“Her writing’s good and arithmetic,
Is marked by one gigantic tick”

In manners Tania did excel
Jennie knew her daughter had done well!

While the hours the family had put in
Insured that Tania was not dim

Their fore-sight really had been prudent,
Tania’s only nine… but one top student.


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