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Poetry Pleases: The Retired Nun

Masimba Biriwasha's poem tells the shocking tale of a naughty lady.

The retired nun squashes
the cigarette-butt in a trash can
and ogles at her over-polished finger nails that are neat and fragile like glass

with shaky fingertips, she flits through the Big Book
and squints pencil-lined eyebrows
at a masculine reverie lurking in the corridor

she seals her lips that are coloured like strawberry
and dreams of roving hands
under the crucifix hidden between her milk jugs

suddenly, she buries herself
in a cloud of coquettish laughter
and slides the Big Book toward the edge of the coffee table
then reaches for the forbidden fruit
taking care no-one sees

on her powdered face,
she wears a cracked smile
of many pleasures - dark and nocturnal

just yesterday -
they picked the retired nun in a sewage pond
crumpled to death, her body with missing parts.


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