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A Shout From The Attic: Beatific Vision

A vision of the Saviour brings peace to Ronnie Bray's troubled mind.

I shall speak comfort to your soul

I cannot honestly say that I loved my father. Those warm feelings I had enjoyed when I was young are the closest I got to loving him. He was not an easy man to love and the more I saw of him the less he fitted the ideal picture my young mind had created of him.

Yet, at his passing I felt a real sense of loss and grief that was disturbing in its intensity. At the time of his death, I was selling Dolphin electric showers door-to-door. One day as I was driving through Halifax on business I was almost overcome with grief at my loss.

I prayed as I drove and immediately saw a vision ahead and slightly above me of my Saviour, Jesus Christ, stood with his pierced hands extended so that I could see them. He spoke, “I have overcome the world.” I then saw my father as a young man with the sunshine of heaven shining on him, his face full and fresh, his hair as gold, and knew in that moment that he was safe and well.

My grief vanished like morning mists at noon. My heart was comforted. Although I can see my father for what he was, I do not judge him harshly, if at all. He was a particular man with a particular mental makeup and a particular constitution that deprived him of insight.

He was always bitter and angry, except when the devil’s liquor soothed his unquiet mind, until too much of the brew made him ten times worse, but now he was really at peace, and so was I.


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