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U3A Writing: Flights Of Fancy

Virginia Nasmyth's thoughts float far and wide as she considers the meaning of flight.

Fantastic lingering images gaily hanging together
Floating lightly, illustrating guilty hidden thoughts.

Flying languid insects giddily hovering tipsily
Flower laden. Ideas growing haphazardly, taunt.

Fabulous, limp-winged Icarus, glistening, hotly twisting
Falling liquidly, ignorance giving him trouble.

Forked lightning illuminates the galaxy hail, thunder.
Fear lurks inwardly. Grasping hands tightening,
Frightened lovers, intense, gasp, hug trembling.
Frantically listening, imagining ghostly, haunting tunes.

Frost-covered leaves iridescently glitter on hawthorn twigs.
Fragmenting long icicles grimly hang teetering there.

Feathered larks irrepressibly gather, high twittering,
Fluttering, lifting into glowing hot thermals.

Fast and frantic, far off foreign
Luxuriant languorous longed for land.

Innumerable illustrations -
Golden, glimmering, gracious, grand,
Heavenly, happily, hopefully hurrying
Toward that timeless, tiring trend.



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